RIDING THE STORM OUT: A Year of Inner City High School Football

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    RIDING THE STORM OUT: A Year of Inner City High School Football

    To see for yourself what everyone is talking about; and to view pics, read excerpts and order your own copy, visit our website: www.stlhsfb.com

    You can order and pay through Pay Pal, all right on line. Your order will be filled the same day!

    Using only word of mouth and the internet for marketing, over 1200 copies sold nationwide in the first three weeks!

    358 action packed pages. “The pace is like a all out blitz, fast and furious from snap to whistle.” Rodney Hubbard

    “If you like high school football, if you like rooting for the underdog, if you like stories of tenacity, faith and hope against all odds - then you will love this book.” Warren Hays

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS-GHETTO STYLE Cast against the grim background of racial disharmony in the disengaging and collapsing city of St. Louis, MO ? an uplifting saga of the youthful exuberance of high school football and the noble struggle for survival of an inner city school.

    Published by Heart of the Ozarks Publishing, LLC Copyright 2010

    A Great Classroom resource

    Several schools around the nation have adopted this book for high school language arts classes. Students have found it relevent and interesting.

    A Special Offer!

    For orders of 30 books or more, a special ½ price offer: $10 per book! And Free Shipping! Individual orders can still be make over the website: www.stlhsfb.com and the use of Pay Pal.

    Heart of the Ozarks Athletics
    PO Box 20501
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    Riding the Storm Out

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