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    For Information on July NCAA Certified Showcases Click Here

    2014 Elite Summer Camps

    *** Each location will feature both a Boys and Girls Camp (separate events) ***

    *** Click on Links below for locations, directions, etc. *** (gyms not posted will be VERY SOON)

    May 31-June 1 - Chicago, IL
    May 31-June 1 - Washington, DC

    June 7-8 - Atlanta, GA
    June 7-8 - Dallas, TX
    June 7-8 - Baltimore, MD
    June 7-8 - New Orleans, LA

    June 14-15 - Charlotte, NC
    June 14-15 - Los Angeles, CA
    June 14-15 - Houston, TX
    June 14-15 - Philadelphia, PA
    June 14-15 - Kansas City, MO

    June 21-22 - New York, NY
    June 21-22 - Columbia, SC
    June 21-22 - Seattle, WA
    June 21-22 - Miami, FL

    June 28-29 - New Jersey
    June 28-29 - St. Louis, MO
    June 28-29 - Raleigh, NC
    June 28-29 - Detroit, MI

    July 5-6 - Nashville, TN
    July 5-6 - Lake Wales, FL
    July 5-6 - Bay Area, CA
    July 5-6 - Boston, MA
    July 5-6 - Washington, DC

    August 2-3 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
    August 2-3 - Dallas, TX
    August 2-3 - Indianapolis, IN
    August 2-3 - Birmingham, AL

    August 9-10 - Atlanta, GA
    August 9-10 - Moreno Valley, CA
    August 9-10 - Austin, TX
    August 9-10 - Denver, CO

    August 16-17 - New York, NY
    August 16-17 - Wilmington, NC
    August 16-17 - Jacksonville, FL
    August 16-17 - Phoenix, AZ

    These camps are ONLY for those players, who are serious about playing college basketball. All Camps are for Boys and Girls (separate events) and only rising 8th graders and older. The two-day camp format will be intense and players will be instructed by many of the top individual instructors in the country. Please visit our staff page for other coaches who will be running these events, all of which have coached at the Division I level.Some of the top players from each camp will be invited to our NCAA Invitational Events taking place during July of 2014. These events are Invitation only and feature many of the top college coaches in the country (we had over 200 last July).Instruction will be given by ONLY current and former college basketball coaches. Campers will perform drills and skill work that they would be doing if they were current college players.The Camp will include but not be limited to on court instruction (speed dribbling and full court moves off the dribble; half court and transition shooting; passing with a purpose; using and defending screens; ball screen actions; 3 on 3; controlled scrimmages); detailed discussion on how to put yourself in the best position to get recruited; nutrition and diet; academic evaluation and goals; and the various basketball opportunities at all collegiate levels.At the end of each Camp, every participant is given a detailed evaluation of what they do well and what they need to work on in order to reach their dreams of playing collegiately. We will then send these evaluations out to every college coach in the country. This can be a huge help to your recruiting.There will be games played during the event (the end of the day Saturday and Sunday) and college coaches as well as recruiting services will be invited to attend.Each Camp is Two Days long, hotels and meals are the responsibility of each camper. A player may decide to attend just one day; however we highly recommend attending both if possible.Every camper will receive an official Maximum Exposure Basketball T-Shirt.Camp cost is $165.00 per player (for both days) or $100.00 per player (if you just attend one day). An $85.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot. These camps will fill up extremely fast! Make sure to register now so you don't miss your chance to participate!
    Sample Itinerary
    Noon Check in/Registration
    1:00 PM Lecture "Putting yourself in the best position to be recruited"
    1:30 PM On court development
    2:15 PM Playing in the full court
    3:00 PM Break / Q and A
    3:15 PM Playing in the half court (2 on 2; 3 on 3)
    4:15 PM Lecture "strength, conditioning and diet"
    4:45 PM Controlled Scrimmage
    6:00 PM Dismissal
    10:30 AM Registration and Instruction for one- day campers who didn't attend Saturday
    11:00 AM Lecture "Opportunities in the various levels of basketball"
    11:30 AM On court development
    12:30 PM College basketball drills
    1:30 PM Break/ Q and A
    1:45 PM Lecture "How are you working out?"
    2:15 PM On court development
    2:45 PM Controlled scrimmages
    4:00 PM Dismissal

    To Register Online for Boys' Camps Click HERE!

    To Register Online for Girls' Camps Click HERE!

    To Register via Mail for Boys' Camps Click HERE!

    To Register via Mail for Girls' Camps Click HERE!

    If you have any questions please contact us: or 704-664-9845

    We hope to see you this Summer!

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