Jump 20 Inches Higher In 10 Weeks

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    Nov 13, 2008
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    Dramatically improve your strength, power, speed and overall athleticism with one of our cutting edge training programs and equipment packages

    Improve your vertical jump by 18 inches Guaranteed
    Slash 40 Time by .4 seconds Guaranteed
    Improve lateral and overall quickness
    Develop a lightning fast first step
    Improve reaction time
    Develop phenomenal foot speed
    Dramatically improve balance
    Improve joint strength and stability
    Develop indestructible ankles
    Improve functional strength
    Improve squat by 80 pounds
    Improve bench press by 20 pounds
    Improve muscle flexibility
    Improve tendon elasticity
    Improve VO2Max
    Improve cardiovascular endurance
    Improve strength endurance
    Add lean muscle mass
    Burn body fat
    Develop functional performance core strength
    Develop high performance motor pathways
    Improve eye agility and depth perception
    Develop superior confidence
    Improve motivation
    Guaranteed results or we'll pay you $90
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