Protect WA HS football - stop WIAA Amendment 6!!!

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    On March 12th, the WIAA will meet to decide whether or not to approve several Amendments. Amendment #6 will actually ban use of school owned football helmets and shoulder pads for all out of season activities, except for the all-state games. This will effectively kill the college camps in the state that allow for contact, severely limit spring football, completely eliminate any controlled scrimmages and even prevent helmets only types of spring or summer practices.

    I have put together an online petition to oppose the WIAA Amendment 6.

    If you are a football coach, player, parent, member of the media, fan etc. and this concerns you as much as it does me please take about 1 or 2 minutes of your time and go to the link that I have provided to, so that you too can oppose this amendment, and let your voice be heard by the WIAA.

    When you sign the online petition, please write a comment in the comment box that includes your:

    1 Name (First & Last)
    2 Title/position (Head Football Coach or Assistant Football Coach or Parent etc)
    3 School (High School name if applicable)

    I would like to have a large amount of opposition to this Amendment prior to the WIAA meeting on March 12th.

    Here is the link:

    Please forward this message on to as many of your coaching colleagues as possible!

    Dan Teeter
    Head Football Coach
    Lakewood HS (2A)
    360.770.4175 - cell

    PS: The details on the petition and Amendment 6 itself are listed below, if you would like to read more about it.
    The Petition
    WIAA Amendment 6 will ban the use of school owned football helmets and shoulder pads, except during the WIAA season, and the Coaches Association All-State game. This would essentially kill all summer camps, controlled scrimmages, as well as spring ball, and any other camps, clinics, passing tournaments etc. where helmets are normally worn. Many 7-on-7 tournaments use helmets as a way to prevent injury, especially concussions. This amendment would force teams who compete in these tournaments, to play without their helmets, thereby INCREASING the risk of head and face injuries, especially concussions. Non-contact football practices typically are referred to as “Helmets only” practices. If the intent is to reduce contact, banning shoulder pads only would do the trick. Banning helmets as well, will actually increase injury risk during non-contact practices.

    Since the top two methods that college Coaches use to evaluate prospective recruits is through game-film and/or highlights, as well as through observation at their camps, amendment 6 will negatively affect the universities in our state, by cutting out a significant evaluation tool. Amendment 6 will also negatively affect student-athletes in Washington , by reducing their chances of being noticed at a camp, and limiting their scholarship opportunities. The right of the student-athlete to compete at university camps is a precious one that should not be taken away. While there is always an injury risk anytime an athlete participates in any sport, these college camps are safety conscious. It is common practice that a team of trainers is on hand at university camps, and if any athlete has concussion-like symptoms, the player’s helmet is confiscated until the end of the camp. Obviously, clearance from a Doctor would be required, prior to the athlete resuming any type of physical activity.

    All Washington State H.S. football Coaches need to join together to oppose the over-legislation of Amendment 6, which would have many negative impacts on Washington state student-athletes, High School programs and College programs.

    Please submit this petition to indicate your opposition to Amendment 6.

    The entirety of Amendment #6 is listed below, with a link to the full list of Amendments at the bottom of the page.



    17.5.4 Use of school equipment except football helmets and shoulder pads, facilities

    and/or transportation is contingent upon local school district written policy.

    A. School uniforms, football helmets and shoulder pads may be worn ONLY during the WIAA season for that sport except during Washington State Coaches Association

    feeder or all state contests. NOTE: Uniforms are considered to be the school issued

    contest uniform (practice or shooting shirts are not classified as school uniforms) and

    are defined in the adopted rule book for each specific sport.

    Amendments for the 2012 Representative Assembly

    Page 5


    17.10.0 SUMMER ACTIVITIES, page 28

    17.10.2 School districts may authorize the use of facilities, school equipment except football helmets or shoulder pads (such as football helmets and shoulder pads, balls, etc), sport specific apparatus (such as batting cages, football sleds, nets, etc), facilities,

    and/or transportation for individuals and/or teams during the summer if approved by

    the local school board. School football helmets and shoulder pads may be issued

    to students participating in Washington State Coaches Association feeder or all

    state contests.

    Pros: Not allowing this specialized equipment to be used except during the designated school season would:

    1. Decrease the number of hits a student could take in a day or in a season, potentially

    reducing the risk of injuries, particularly concussions.

    2. Assist schools to better manage risk.

    3. Allow schools to manage equipment better, particularly if a player using the equipment

    over the summer does not return to the original school.

    4. Eliminate the need to recondition helmets between uses, if used by a player during the summer.

    Cons: Athletes may not be prepared to the same extent as in years past, but all teams would have the same amount of time for conditioning and preparation.

    Proposed by Jackson High School , Everett High School , Cascade High School , Marysville-Getchell High School , Marysville Pilchuck High School .

    To read the actual Amendments, go here:

    Petition to oppose WIAA amendment 6

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