The "S" Word on Hwy 83


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Aug 29, 2011
The “S” word is an utterance that any football coach worth his whistle will tell you must be avoided during the season at all cost. To utter - even under one’s breath - the word SATISFIED, while in-season, is akin to sticking your middle finger in the face of fate. The football gods will unleash upon the perpetrator of this sacrilege bad luck of mythical proportions. Field goal kicks that hit uprights will bounce out, instead of in. When you need a right foot for a first down spot, you will get a left. Don’t even bother with the coin toss.

There is a time when the word “satisfied” is appropriate speech for a football coach. It is generally agreed amongst purist of the sport, that within a 48 hour window of winning a state title, the word can be used. After 48 hours, as every coach knows, it is time to get to work on next year. Several states do allow for those coaches winning back to back state championships, a 96 hour grace period to be “satisfied.”

So we will avoid the ‘S” word. The “P” word is more accepting, so we will stick with it. Along US Highway 83, there are three coaches who should wake up this Saturday morning feeling PLEASED with their team’s Friday night performance. Follow our blog on small town high school football: to see why they are smiling.