Nominations for 2B "All-State" Team are Open

Discussion in '2B Football' started by Rainmaker2112, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Now that the final champions have been crowned in the 2011 high school football season it's time to honor the players in 2B who have had "All-State" seasons.

    This is your chance to get involved in the process as is asking for your nominations for the players who should be considered for this prestigious team.

    Post your nominations below and a little why the player(s) should be considered. Note that if you can provide stats to backup why they should be considered all the better.

    This is a chance for everyone to have input. Please keep these posts clean and let's not knock players or teams in this post. Forum admins reserve the right to edit or delete posts that cannot follow these basic rules.

    Nominations will close on December 15th, so start filling this post with your nominations now!

    Thanks everyone and let's honor these fine, young men & coaches!
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    Tailgate advice...

    Missouri fan here coming down for the game this weekend. I have been to Nashville a few times and have loved it (Very nice, clean city), but never for a football game. Is there anything that is a must see/do before a game? With a 6:30 kickoff there is lot of time. Thanks in advance.

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